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Insurance Co-ops

The cooperative movement impacts the insurance sector in two ways: cooperative insurance that protects members of a co-op and insurance cooperatives like mutual insurance companies. Here is a breakdown of these two functions.

1. Cooperative Insurance

Members of a co-op, like a housing cooperative, usually need to secure their own co-op insurance. Most cooperative housing associations hold insurance policies that protect shareholders against damages, like an earthquake or sewer backups, that affect the entire building and common property areas.

A housing co-op’s policy may not cover losses and injuries that occur in an individual unit. A cooperative insurance policy helps protect a member’s belongings and the inside of their unit, including coverage for burglary and fire damage. With cooperative insurance, members of a co-op are fully covered.

2. Insurance Co-ops

Mutual insurance companies, while technically not cooperatives, apply the co-op business model in their focus on policyholders. Insurance co-ops assist those who buy and receive coverage, not external investors.

Through cooperative member-ownership, mutual insurance companies serve the interests of policyholders. Since they are not publicly traded, insurance co-ops avoid the pressure of turning a high profit. In return, members have the right to select management and receive excess premiums.

The goal of an insurance cooperative is to provide comprehensive insurance coverage at a reasonable cost. Even if a co-op like a mutual insurance company grows, it stays rooted in the members’ interests.

Key Facts About Insurance Co-ops

Insurance cooperatives give policyholders the power to elect board members and receive profits through savings programs and dividends. Check out these facts about insurance co-ops:

  • In 1752, Benjamin Franklin founded the first co-op in the U.S., a mutual insurance company
  • Five of the top 10 largest insurance companies are mutual companies and serve 25% of the insurance market

Some examples of insurance cooperatives include State Farm, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual and Mutual of Omaha

Co-op Associations in the Insurance Sector

Learn more about the organizations that support insurance cooperatives and mutual insurance companies across the globe:

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