12th edition of World Cooperative Monitor ranking largest co-ops now available


The annual global research report on cooperatives produced by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) with the scientific support of the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse) is now available.

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Launched during a webinar in collaboration with the ICA International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT), this year’s report provides:

  • a list of the worlds’ largest 300 cooperatives and mutuals;
  • an analysis of the economic sector; and
  • a focus on how large cooperatives and mutuals convey their identity and inform the public about the benefits of co-op membership.

Each year the World Cooperative Monitor produces a robust database that shows not only the economic importance of the cooperative business model, but also the global impact cooperatives and mutuals have on their members and communities. This is accomplished by building on years of research and data collection, and continually refining and improving the methodology to produce it annual.

The in-depth research and collaboration to produce this report continues to provide the cooperative movement with a significant tool to evaluate its own positioning and highlights the importance of cooperative enterprises to the public and policymakers around the world.

Jeroen Douglas, Director General of the ICA, said the report “showcases the diversity and magnitude of cooperative impact. From agriculture to finance, and healthcare to energy, cooperatives are transforming industries, putting people before profits, and creating sustainable models for the benefit of all.”

“In a world facing numerous challenges—from economic uncertainties to social inequalities—the cooperative model emerges as a beacon of hope, demonstrating its unique ability to foster inclusive growth, shared prosperity and community resilience,” Douglas added.

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