Accelerate 2016 Promises Innovative Discussions, Practical Strategies for Purchasing Co-ops, Buying Groups


LBMX Inc., a Canadian software company providing real-time data solutions for purchasing cooperatives and buying groups, will host its second annual Accelerate Conference in Chicago, Illinois, from June 8 – 10. As an NCBA CLUSA Associate Member and perennial Premier Sponsor of NCBA CLUSA’s National Purchasing Cooperatives Conference, LBMX is a trusted resource for NCBA CLUSA members.

The conference will welcome speakers from around the globe offering innovative discussions and practical solutions to attendees. NCBA CLUSA encourages our members in the purchasing sector to take advantage of this resource! You can find an informational video to the left and a list of speakers and topics below. We’d love to see you in both Chicago next month and Miami later this year, when NCBA CLUSA hosts the 2016 National Purchasing Cooperatives Conference from September 19 – 21, which complements Accelerate by providing a broad, cross-sector exploration of solutions to help purchasing co-ops achieve their operational goals and remain competitive.

Accelerate 2016’s emphasis will be on practical ideas that are immediately actionable, and will be valuable to group executives and key operations staff, as well as board members. LBMX invites members of the purchasing co-op and buying group sector to join industry experts from around the world as they share success stories and best practices. This year’s speakers include:

Jack Bailey, President & CEO, IDC-USA (USA)
Amazon and Big Data: How to Compete

Terry Davis, CEO, Home Hardware Stores Ltd. (CAN)
Strengthening the Consumer Brand of Your Group

Bob Smith, President & CEO, IMARK Group (USA)
Growing Your Group Through Sector Consolidation

Neal Shaw, CEO, Ashburton Trading Society and Ruralco NZ Ltd. (NZ)
The ATS Story: An Innovative Way to Add Value to Your Group

Kevin Higginbotham, CEO, Evergreen Marketing Group (USA)
Delivering Valuable Training Programs

Steve Wolfe, CFO, National Cooperative Grocers Association (USA)
An Alternate Way of Managing Credit Risk

Julie Langford, Finance Director, National Merchant Buying Society (UK)
Maximising Returns to Members: How the Financial Crash Improved our Business

Trent Bartlett, Independent Director, CBH Group & former CEO of Capricorn Society (AUS)
The Role of the Board in Governing Innovation

Bob Yurk, Vice President, ACME Building Materials (USA)
Tomorrow’s Members: Running a Successful Next Gen Group

Bruce Herron, Director of National Accounts, Robertshaw (USA)
From the Outside In: A Supplier’s Insight into Buying Groups

Bob Cattanach, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP (USA)
Fast-Tracking Your Cyber Preparedness: Are You Ready for a Data Breach? Quick Tips on Incident Response and Information Governance

Bryan Munson, Manager of Business Development, NCBA CLUSA (USA)
Why Your Identity as a Purchasing Co-op Matters

Dave O’Donnell, President & CEO, NEMEON Inc. (USA)
Panel Discussion: Issues Facing Buying Groups Today

Teri Ditsch, Marketing Director, BLUE HAWK Distribution (USA)

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