Boston serves as an example for worker co-ops

Maya Gaul, Worker-Owner and Sales Team Leader at CERO Cooperative, was a speaker at the 2019 IMPACT Conference.

With 19 worker co-ops, The Greater Boston area has the third-largest number among the nationā€™s metro areas, behind only New York and the Bay Area, according to theĀ U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

Co-ops are getting new attention from political leaders in booming cities like Boston, who are looking for new ways to counter growing income inequality and help more residents share the prosperity brought on by a resurgence of urban living.Ā New York Cityā€™s government has spentĀ $3.6 millionĀ on developing worker cooperatives since 2015.

In a new piece for Politico, reporter Erin Trickey explores how Boston became a hub for worker cooperatives, Bostonā€™s policies and economic support for these businesses, and highlighted multiple successful worker cooperatives.

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