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CCMA Management to Transition to NCBA CLUSA in 2015


[photo: Leo Mason/Corbis]
After collaborative discussion and thorough review, the Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) Conference, currently under the management of Ann Hoyt and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, will transition to NCBA CLUSA beginning in 2015. This decision provides a clear path for the continued success and enhancement of this vital conference.

“As NCBA CLUSA looks to the future, the vision is for the conference to grow deeper in content and wider in opportunity,” said Ann Hoyt, retiring conference director and NCBA CLUSA board member. “The CCMA partnership with NCBA CLUSA will provide the needed support and infrastructure to make that happen. “

Over the next year NCBA CLUSA will focus on engaging stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, and open discussions using its recognized role as cooperative convener to expand the future of the CCMA conference.

“This partnership taps into the vast cross sectorial reach NCBA CLUSA has into the cooperative community throughout the nation,” said Jerry McGeorge, Chairman of NCBA CLUSA’s Board of Directors. “We will move forward in a collaborative way, being sure to enhance communication between conference organizers and stakeholders, to ensure the conference continues to fulfill its purpose.”

Without compromising the culture of the conference, NCBA CLUSA is looking to enhance communication between co-ops and expand the current footprint of this conference, providing greater opportunities for networking and co-op to co-op collaboration. Following this year’s conference in Madison, a committee will be convened to work through plans for the 2015 conference.

“CCMA is a fantastic conference that deserves to play an expanded role in the cooperative community,” said Mike Beall, president and CEO of NCBA CLUSA. “We take seriously the trust that has been placed in our organization to enhance this conference and take it to the next level of greatness.”

Please visit for more information on this year’s activities and events leading up to the 2014 CCMA conference.


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