CDF to receive Andy Reicher Lifetime Cooperator Award at UHAB gala


The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) has been selected as the deserving recipient of the inaugural Andy Reicher Lifetime Cooperator Award, in recognition of 80 years of international leadership in cooperative development.

This award will be presented by the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB), a New York City-based nonprofit organization with a mission to create and preserve affordable cooperative housing for low-income homeowners. UHAB will present the award, named for the organization’s Executive Director Emeritus, Andy Reicher, for his 44 years of commitment to expanding affordable cooperative housing nationwide, at their gala on April 3 at Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. CDF’s Executive Director Mary Griffin will accept the award on behalf of the foundation, in recognition of CDF’s support and steadfast advocacy for shared equity housing cooperatives and the organizations that serve them.

CDF has played a key role in contributing to cooperative development globally. An important aspect of this contribution lies in the organization’s commitment to supporting initiatives like UHAB’s national services that promote affordable housing solutions. UHAB’s commitment to permanent affordability has ensured the creation and preservation of over 30,000 affordable co-op units across New York City. Founded in 1973, their programs are guided by principles of self-help, democratic control, economic empowerment, and sustainability. CDF’s funding has further enabled UHAB to share its expertise outside of New York, particularly where cities experience housing inequality and affordability crises.

During the pandemic, CDF’s funding allowed UHAB to provide crucial support to low-income homeowners in affordable co-ops, ensuring that co-op members had access to critical resources, particularly, communities of color, Spanish-speaking communities, and elderly residents.

CDF continues to be a champion of community development, embodying the principles of cooperation and making a lasting impact on communities globally.

UHAB Executive Director Margy Brown said: “It is our privilege to work closely with CDF, a recognized leader in the national cooperative landscape. UHAB is so grateful for CDF’s impact on our national expansion, training curriculum development, and policy work. We are thrilled to present them with the inaugural Andy Reicher Lifetime Cooperator award at our upcoming gala and welcome their partners and collaborators to join us for this momentous occasion.”

CDF Executive Director Mary Griffin said: “CDF is honored to accept this recognition from UHAB, which has helped thousands of people access permanently affordable housing and stronger sense of community through cooperatives.  As we celebrate our 80th year, we look forward to continuing our partnership with UHAB to meet the growing demand for cooperatives as more communities across the country see co-ops as the way to take control over their economic and social well-being.”


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