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Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductee Spotlight: Ann A. Hoyt


Dr. Ann A. Hoyt
Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Ann A. Hoyt is internationally recognized for her innovative research and contributions to co-op education. Her work, including 29 years as a professor at the University of Wisconsin ā€“ Madison, has had an indelible impact on cooperatives and the cooperative movement.

As U.S. food cooperatives were threatened by market encroachment from investor-owned grocers, Hoyt recognized a need for governance education for co-op boards and managers. She promoted governance methods that delineate clear board and management responsibilities, incorporate transparent accountability and emphasize strategic focus. These methods are now the predominant model used by contemporary consumer food cooperatives.

Hoyt directed the annualĀ Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) conferenceĀ for 25 years, and the Cooperative Management Institute (CMI) she developed served to promote and inspire a national community of food cooperatives that spawned theĀ National Co+op Grocers, theĀ Howard Bowers FundĀ and several other national initiatives.

Academically, Hoyt is an active author, reviewer, teacher, researcher and consultant on a wide variety of issues related to cooperatives, national and international cooperation and cooperative governance. Hoyt is also a dedicated cooperative practitioner. She has served on numerous cooperative and foundation boards, including 22 years with NCBA CLUSA, two as chair; six years with the National Cooperative Bank; and 20 years, nine as chair, with the University of Wisconsin Credit Union.

Throughout her work, Hoyt has consistently inspired thousands of cooperators, young and old, to believe in, support and work for cooperatives as a viable democratic method to achieve economic justice.

Let Hoyt know you appreciate her commitment to cooperatives by placing a congratulatory message or adding your name to the Friends of Ann Hoyt page in the Hall of Fame Commemorative Program.

The Cooperative Hall of Fame is administered by the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF), the 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliate of NCBA CLUSA. Nominations are received annually from throughout the cooperative community, with the final selection made by the NCBA CLUSA Board of Directors on the recommendations of a selection committee of national cooperative leaders.

The Cooperative Hall of Fame gallery is on display in NCBAā€™s offices in Washington, D.C. and can also be viewed online atĀ For Hall of Fame dinner attendance or sponsorship information, call CDF at (202) 383-5445 or emailĀ

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