Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductee Spotlight: Marilyn Scholl


Marilyn Scholl has played a prominent leadership role in nearly every major development in the U.S. food co-op sector since she took her first co-op job at Gordon Park Cooperative in Milwaukee in 1978.

Working at the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, Scholl organized education programs and conferences for co-ops. Focusing on the challenges of business sustainability, membership care and strategic planning, Scholl helped create the Cooperative Management Institute.

She later led a food co-op consulting team that became CDS Consulting Co-op, a group of 38 people dedicated to helping co-ops reach their full potential. Seeing the need for systematic governance at food co-ops, Scholl and her CDS CC colleagues developed the Cooperative Board Leadership Development program to provide ongoing support for effective governance and built the 4 Pillars of Cooperative Governance model.

With the help of National Cooperative Bank and the National Co+op Grocers, Scholl’s team created a small grants program for startups that became Food Co-op Initiative, a nonprofit supporting the opening of more than 130 new food co-ops. She was one of the creators of the food co-op development model 4 Cornerstones in 3 Stages.

In 2004, Scholl led the project team that developed the reorganization plan for the National Cooperative Grocers Association. Today National Co+op Grocers represents 148 co-ops operating more than 200 stores in 37 states.

Recently retired as manager of CDS Consulting Cooperative, Scholl continues to be a member and consultant at CDS CC; she also serves on the boards of Cooperative Fund of New England and Food Co-op Initiative.

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