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Food For Change Filmmaker Steve Alves Planning Free Online Release in October


In an ambitious plan to educate more Americans about the value and impact of cooperatives, filmmaker and NCBA CLUSA member Steve Alves is aiming to make his documentary, Food For Change, available for free online beginning October 1, 2016.

Dubbed “the Ben Hur of co-op movies” by cooperative historian David Thompson, Food For Change explores food co-ops and their influence on social and economic change in the U.S., making the case that food co-ops are the authentic choice in a marketplace increasingly flooded with natural foods.

New elements to accompany the anticipated online release include:

•    A new trailer and three 15-second spots announcing the film’s online release
•    A team of 3 – 5 journalists who cover election year issues from the co-op perspective
•    Articles in national and local newspapers about the story of co-ops
•    Radio and television interviews with the filmmaker
•    Articles from Food For Change sent to co-ops to publish in their newsletters
•    A framed movie poster for co-ops advertising the film’s online release date
•    Continuous feeds from Food For Change for social media channels
•    Release of clips from the film that have potential to go viral
•    Screenings in 30 cities nationwide with congressional representatives and other civic leaders in attendance.

A Spanish language version of Food For Change is also on the docket.

Click here to learn more about this project, watch a trailer of Food For Change or schedule a screening at your co-op, startup or community group.

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