Help Capital Impact Partners and National Cooperative Bank inform the theme of the 2021 Co-op Innovation Award


The Independent Drivers Guild was among recipients of the 2019 Co-op Innovation Award. [photo: Capital Impact Partners]
Capital Impact Partners and the National Cooperative Bank have partnered to fund the 2021 Co-op Innovation Award, a grant program aimed at increasing cooperative development in communities with low incomes and/or communities of color. Every year since it was established in 2014, Capital Impact Partners has chosen a theme or focus area for the award. This year, the community development financial institution would like your input.

Please answer the questions in this short survey by December 2 to inform this year’s theme and to help Capital Impact Partners assess how it can increase inclusion within the grant process. Contact Alison Powers with any questions.

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About the Co-op Innovation Award

Cooperatives are an integral part of the fabric of our economy and have real power to transform low-income communities into strong, vibrant places of opportunity. With momentum growing around the power of cooperatives to create economic opportunity for underserved communities and communities of color, Capital Impact Partners created the Co-op Innovation Award in 2015, designed to further this movement and the impact that cooperative organizations are creating nationwide. Organizations are chosen yearly to receive a portion of a $50,000, one-year grant to recognize innovative strategies to increase the number of food, housing and worker co-ops serving low-income communities.

Meet recent award recipients

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