Help cooperatives in India and Nepal weather COVID-19


The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) has established the “Cooperatives Combat COVID-19 Fund” to help address the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths in India and Nepal. U.S. cooperatives and cooperators can support the ICA’s pandemic relief work through a donation to CDF.

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Indian and Nepalese cooperatives and their members have not been immune to the impact of the pandemic. The health, lives and livelihoods of members and their families have been affected, and cooperative businesses have been disrupted. At the same time, the cooperative communities in these countries are stepping up to address the challenge. According to ICA:

The ICA Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) Regional Office, NCUI and NCFN will channel contributions to areas in most need. All funds raised through the CDF link will be donated to ICA. Information about contributing directly to ICA is available here.

The Cooperative Development Fund’s Disaster Recovery Fund helps cooperatives and cooperators get back on their feet after disasters and other emergency hardship situations. Over the past three years, the Fund has provided more than $450,000 in grants to cooperatives and cooperators in the U.S., Uganda, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. In 2020, donations to the Cooperative Development Foundationā€™s Disaster Recovery Fund helped CDF provide more than $230,000 in grants to U.S.-based cooperatives, helping them weather the impact of COVID-19.

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