IMPACT+ continues with workshop on Friday, October 22


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Purchasing Co-op Workshop and Farmer-to-Farmer session earlier today. If you missed these IMPACT+ sessions, you can still watch them on demand, along with all of our programming from the first week of the conference.

If you’ve already registered for IMPACT 2021, you’re all set. Use the same link you used to access IMPACT 2021 sessions to take advantage of our on-demand programming. If you haven’t registered, do so by the end of the month for on-demand access to more than 50 hours of programming featuring 100+ best-in-class speakers.

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If you missed today’s Purchasing Co-op Workshop and Farmer-to-Farmer IMPACT+ sessions, catch them on-demand, along with all of our programming from the first week of the conference.

On Friday, October 22, we’ll wrap up this week’s IMPACT+ programming with an interactive workshop led by Greg Brodsky, founder and co-director of, and Danny Spitzberg, lead researcher at Turning Basin Labs.

Aligning ownership and purpose is a superpower for co-ops and all mutualistic businesses. During this 60-minute interactive workshop, we introduce a new tool for the job: the Ownership Model Canvas (OMC). We’ll start by showing how a mainstream tool, the Business Model Canvas, omits questions of ownership benefits and risks, and perpetuates economic inequality. Then we’ll review the OMC, discuss an example from a music patronage co-op, and facilitate an exercise for you to use the OMC template to align or realign your business success with key stakeholders. Finally, you’ll get peer review from other participants and advice and next steps.

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