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In Rwanda, Cooperatives Help Build a Sustainable Future


[photo courtesy CTB/Josiane Droeghag]
Twenty years after genocide, Rwanda continues to recover. In a recent article for Co-operative News, Anca Voinea explored how cooperatives are underpinning sustainable economic growth and development in the country.

Twenty years on from 100 days of genocide in Rwanda, co-operatives have been seen as a means to build a sustainable future for its people.

The genocide had a devastating economic and social impact on the country, which remains one of the poorest countries in Africa. To achieve sustainable development, the Rwandan government to looking to grow the co-operative sector.

With 9.7m people, 87% of whom live in rural areas, agriculture is the backbone of Rwanda’s economy. Co-operatives can help small-scale farmers to cope with challenges like price volatility and lack of training and gain access to markets.

During a recent meeting with officials form Lesotho, Rwandan Minister of Trade and Industry, François Kanimba highlighted the important contribution of co-operatives to achieving the government’s vision for 2020.

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