NCBA CLUSA 2016 Board of Directors Election Opens Today; Renew Your Membership by March 31 to Vote!


It’s not too late to renew your NCBA CLUSA membership and be eligible to vote in the 2016 Board of Directors election, which begins today! There are seven candidates running to fill five seats on the board: Bruce Carrozzi, Erbin Crowell, Ann Hoyt, Jerry McGeorge, Lance Rantala, Thaleon Tremain and Deb Trocha. Click through to read their bios and candidate statements. Renew by Thursday, March 31 to make your voice heard!

The online election opens Tuesday, March 29 and will close on April 28. During this period, NCBA CLUSA members in good standing—those who have renewed their membership for 2016 by March 31— are invited to cast their votes. If you are uncertain whether you have renewed for 2016, please contact us by emailing If you have your invoice, you can renew online here.

The NCBA CLUSA Board election is handled electronically through Simply Voting, a secure, cost-effective, environmentally responsible online platform for election services.
 Simply Voting distributed voting credentials to all NCBA CLUSA members in good standing via email today. If you have renewed your membership for 2016 and did NOT receive your credentials, please contact us by emailing or

The election results will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting, which will be held May 2 in Washington, D.C., during NCBA CLUSA’s 2016 Annual Cooperatives Conference.

The NCBA CLUSA Board directs and inspires the organization. The Board brings consistent focus to the association’s longer term impacts, results, purposes and future opportunities to serve the needs of members; emphasizes proactive leadership in policy development, clear distinction and respect for board and management roles, collective decision-making after consideration and encouragement of a diversity of viewpoints and evaluation of organizational performance in terms of strategic and measurable results. Finally, the Board assures excellence in governance through a disciplined approach based on adherence to the highest standard of ethical conduct in all aspects of its guidance, decision-making, and leadership of the association.

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