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NCBA CLUSA currently operates programs across three continents working with a variety of groups and institutions, including farmer cooperatives, civil society organizations, youth associations, women’s groups and local and national governments. NCBA CLUSA builds capacity at the grassroots level to create innovative, sustainable solutions for communities. Our programs continue to receive positive feedback from our clients and farmers as well as in the host countries’ National Press. See below for some of the recent international news on NCBA CLUSA programs around the world:

El Salvador¬†‚Äď Diario Co Latino ‚ÄstLanzan Proyecto de Apoyo a la Rehabilitaci√≥n de la Caficultura y Diversificati√≥n Agr√≠cola¬†(SPANISH)

Working to diversify the coffee plants and rehabilitate farms across El Salvador after the recent coffee rust epidemic (which decreased production in some areas up to 80 percent), NCBA CLUSA is working with local El Salvadorian cooperatives to introduce rust resistant plants.

Burkina Faso¬†‚Äď Sidwaya ‚ÄstAgriculture de conservation: Mariam Zor√©, une productrice mod√®le √† Kayara dans le Namentenga¬†(FRENCH)

NCBA CLUSA is teaching conservation agriculture techniques to 1,550 farmers in the northern part of Burkina Faso. These techniques will improve crop resilience to climate change in the Sahel region. In addition to agriculture techniques, NCBA CLUSA also works to get producers linked to credit and finance.

Namibia¬†‚Äď All Africa ‚ÄstMore Than 4,000 Farmers Register for Rip Furrow Services¬†(ENGLISH)

The Namibian Conservation Agricultural project (NCAP), which recently closed in September, has already seen sustainability through local partner continuation. Using conservation agriculture techniques, such as rip furrowing, taught through NCBA CLUSA’s lead farmer extension strategies, 27 rip furrow service providers have come together to form the NCAP 2 consortium with Kongalend Financial Services, a local Namibian firm.

(November 16, 2015)

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