NCBA CLUSA stands in solidarity with Ukrainian cooperative community


The National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) stands united with the cooperative community and the people of Ukraine in calling for peace and a swift end to hostilities in the region. Our hearts go out to the members and families who are affected by this tragic invasion. In dire moments such as these, we look to the cooperative values of democracy and solidarity, as we stand ready to support the Ukrainian cooperative community during this time of need.

Beyond the immediate impact to the people of Ukraine, NCBA CLUSA is deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis that could unfold globally as hunger increases, energy supplies dwindle and millions in the region face displacement.

As always, the most vulnerable people will be most negatively impacted. Now is the time for the global cooperative community to rally around Ukrainian cooperators and vulnerable communities everywhere, demonstrating our business model’s resilience.

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