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New data collection tool is improving resilience for smallholder farm families in Mozambique

NCBA CLUSA Mozambique staff collecting data in N’doro locality, Caia District, Sofala province.

In a new article for KotoToolBox, author Mae-Lin DeLange highlights how the Climate Smart Agriculture and Water (CSAW Sofala) Project in Mozambique is utilizing data collection to improve the livelihoods of 7,800 smallholder farm families in the Sofala province. The project aims to link climate-smart agriculture, market access, and clean energy to increased productivity and improved access to water and sanitation in the districts of Búzi, Caia, and Machanga.

Since August 2020, the CSAW Sofala project’s 18 enumerators have collected over 6,000 submissions of information on agricultural practices, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) practices, geolocation, and other details from beneficiaries. The data has provided evidence on key results in real-time, which serves as a basis for reviewing and adjusting project implementation strategies. As a result, smallholder farmers have benefited from technical assistance that directly responds to their needs on the ground.

Using data collection tools, the project is able to track the locations of cultivated farm fields more precisely, allowing for improved measurement of agro-climatic conditions, tracking of water courses, and the monitoring of crop cycles during agricultural seasons.

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