Organic Valley reaches rural farming communities with COVID-19 vaccine clinic


Image shows a closeup of a COVID-19 social distancing marker on the floor.
A sign on the floor directs people to ā€œkeep one cow apartā€ during a vaccine clinic at Organic Valley. [photo: Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
The list of registered COVID-19 vaccine providers in Wisconsin features hundreds of hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and health centersā€”and some cheesemakers, including Organic Valley. The largest farmer-owned organic cooperative in the nation has started holding vaccination clinics not only for its workers, but for any member of the community who is eligible.

“We want to get these vaccines to our employees, but we recognize that we’re all in this together,” Jerry McGeorge, Vice President of Cooperative Affairs at Organic Valley, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “And helping get it into these rural communities that we’re a part of is important to us as well.”

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