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Pachamama Coffee Cooperative Highlighted in “The Aggie”


A coffee shop opened by Pachamama Coffee Cooperative in downtown Davis, California brings consumers premium, organic coffee directly from more than 140,000 small farmers in Africa, Latin America and South America. Taylor Cunningham highlights Pachamama in this article for The California Aggie:


A great cup of coffee is more than your morning caffeine fix. At Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, a great cup means a high-quality drink sold directly from producer to consumer.

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative (Pachamama) occupies the corner of First and E streets in downtown Davis, and to the unsuspecting consumer seems like a typical college town coffee shop. A friendly barista, complete coffee menu and great patio complete the image.

What Pachamama’s customers may not initially realize is that by purchasing that cup of Guatemalan drip coffee instead of their usual Starbucks Americano, they’re voting for social change.

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative is owned by over 140,000 farmers in five different countries: Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico. Pachamama is the only company in the United States that’s 100 percent owned by coffee farmers, said Thaleon Tremain, the general manager of Pachamama.

That means that the profits made from Pachamama coffee go directly back to the farmers themselves, because they’re the ones selling it. Many similarly advertised companies have a middle man that skims the profit and gives only the wholesale prices to producers.

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