The cooperative with forty years of making loans to co-ops

Christina Jennings, executive director of Shared Capital Cooperative, speaks at NCBA CLUSA’s Annual Membership Meeting last week.

While interest in worker co-ops has spiked in recent years, access to capital remains a key barrier to growth in the sector. In a recent article published by Next City, Oscar Perry Abello writes that Shared Capital Cooperative‚ÄĒwith its 40 years of experience‚ÄĒrepresents a proven model for funding cooperative development.

“As a cooperative itself, things run a little differently at Shared Capital Cooperative. Only member cooperatives may borrow from Shared Capital, and the borrowers are also the investors. Since 1979, Shared Capital has made more than 850 loans totaling $50 million to cooperatives in 30 states. In 2018, the cooperative made 17 new loans totaling $2.1 million.”

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