This week on Everything Co-op, Dr. Dawn Carpenter on aligning business growth with the greater good

Dr. Dawn Carpenter is director of the Solidarity Economy Workshop and executive producer of the What Does It Profit? podcast.

Tune in to WOL 1450 AM, 95.9 FM, and WOL Live Stream on July 27 at 10:30 am EDT for Everything Co-op, hosted by Vernon Oakes. This week Vernon interviews Dr. Dawn Carpenter, director of the Solidarity Economy Workshop. Vernon and Dawn will discuss whether we can align business growth with the greater good.

A former investment banker turned business ethicist, Dr. Carpenter is a leading authority on the theological nature of work and the moral responsibilities of wealth. She is the founding director of the Solidarity Economy Workshop and the host and executive producer of the What Does It Profit? podcast that seeks to tell the stories of the solidarity economy through the lens of contributive justice theory. She comes to this work as a veteran of Wall Street, where she engineered the capitalization of over $3 billion for some of the country’s most venerable social purpose corporations.

Her first podcast, More than Money, reached the Top 15 on the iTunes Business chart and was rated as a Top 15 Podcast that Will Inspire You to Change the World by

Her work seeks to provide a moral foundation for economic and social justice. She was awarded the 2020 Spirit of Georgetown Award for her work. She is completing her first book, “Co-workers with God: Contributive Justice and God’s Plan for Work and Wealth.” She serves as a senior advisor to the Vatican’s Economy of Francesco’s Finance and Humanity working group and is a member of the economic working group of its Laudato Si Action Platform. She also serves on the finance and investment committees of several organizations. She holds graduate degrees in political science, public finance, and Catholic theology. Her doctorate is in the multi-disciplinary field of liberal studies.

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