This week on Everything Co-op, Simon Vansintjan on supporting musicians through the platform co-op Mirlo

Simon Vansintjan is a programmer and organizer behind Mirlo, an emerging music platform co-op.

Tune in to WOL 1450 AM, 95.9 FM, and WOL Livestream on Thursday, May 30 at 10:30 am EDT for Everything Co-op, hosted by Vernon Oakes. This week, Vernon is hosting an interview with Simon Vansintjan, a programmer and organizer in Washington, DC. During the interview, they will discuss his most recent venture to develop a music platform co-op called Mirlo.

Simon Vansintjan is a programmer and mutual aid, solidarity economy, and dual power organizer in Washington, DC. In his free time, he plays soccer, the guitar, the banjo, and doodles. He’s done weekly radio on public radio and music journalism in a past life. Simon has worked as a software developer for UN organizations, Fortune 500 companies, user experience agencies, fast-growing start-ups, not-for-profit organizations, open-source software, and open data platforms.

Mirlo provides a user-friendly space to help musicians sell music, manage subscriptions, and share with their supporters.

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