USDA announces additional grant funding for cooperative meat and poultry processors


On August 24, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the availability of additional funding through the‚ÄĮMeat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP). In partnership with the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, USDA has made $123 million in grants available through MPPEP. The program is designed to allow meat and poultry processors to expand operations, transform the food supply chain, and create new markets for producers. Cooperatives that engage or plan to engage in meat and poultry processing are eligible and encouraged to apply to the MPPEP program. Applications for this round of MPPEP funding are due on November 22, 2023.¬†

The maximum award for the MPPEP program is $10 million. Grant funds can be used in a myriad of different ways to expand processing capacity. Examples include building, modernizing, or expanding existing processing facilities, including mobile slaughter units, and developing, installing, or modernizing equipment and technology. To help interested applicants, USDA has established the Meat and Poultry Processing Technical Assistance Program (MPPTA) to support grant management, financial planning, operation support, and supply chain development. Click here to learn more about the MPPTA and connect with USDA TA Providers. 

Since the establishment of the MPPEP program, three cooperative meat and poultry processors, Michigan Turkey Producers,‚ÄĮMontana Premium Processing Cooperative,‚ÄĮand‚ÄĮIsland Grown Farmers‚Äô Cooperative, have received awards through the MPPEP program totaling over $2 million in cooperative MPPEP funds.¬†¬†

NCBA CLUSA applauds USDA’s investments in cooperatives to strengthen our nation’s food supply chain and encourages eligible meat and poultry processing cooperatives to take advantage of this opportunity.  


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