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Our inaugural issue, published this week, highlights how people in marginalized communities use cooperatives to empower themselves, enrich their communities and strengthen the economy. Our feature article addresses gentrification, exploring the role cooperatives can play in preserving local ownership in communities that face displacement, rapid development and growing inequality.

Our Spring 2017 issue also addresses how a co-op lifecycle model is keeping rural African farmers focused and united, and why co-ops are uniquely positioned to expand leadership opportunities for women and minorities. It closes with excerpts from the U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group’s 2017 Report, making the case that co-ops could be Cuba’s best opportunity for sustainable economic reform.

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With an emphasis on well-researched thought leadership and opinion pieces, the Cooperative Business Journal rounds out NCBA CLUSA’s publications. Not only does the Journal seek to capture the best work of cooperative thought leaders and opinion makers, it’s also designed to become a resource hub for journalists and researchers interested in the cooperative perspective on current issues.

“NCBA CLUSA is thrilled to offer a new publication dedicated to exploring issues critical to the cooperative community and the broader public,” said John Torres, Vice President of Communication and Public Relations at NCBA CLUSA. “The Journal takes a deeper dive into the many ways co-ops are impacting their communities and, ultimately, building a better world.”

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