Learn how to join our newest volunteer council at our April Co-op Circle Happy Hour


Are you ready to connect virtually with other cooperators, hear new insights and ideas, and discuss trending topics that the co-op community is navigating? Then we invite you to join us at NCBA CLUSA’s next Co-op Circle Happy Hour, scheduled for Thursday, April 4 at 2 pm EDT.

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Calling All Cooperators Committed to Co-op Community Advancement!

Have you been seeking an opportunity to get more involved in contributing to the movement to advance the cooperative community by sharing your expertise, connections, and resources? Or are you looking for more ways to expand your knowledge base, gain leadership experience, and grow your network? Then join us in April for a Volunteer Council Takeover that will spotlight the work of NCBA CLUSA’s newest council: The Co-op-2-Co-op Council.

Why Attend?

Next month’s Co-op Circle Happy Hour presents a fantastic chance to:

  • Learn more about cooperative development programs during an interactive community discussion.
  • Connect with your co-op community in a relaxed setting.
  • Hear from volunteer leaders about their experience working directly with NCBA CLUSA and the cooperative community to align our work with the community’s needs.

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Co-op Circle Happy Hour Highlights

  • Engaging Conversations Connect with cooperative peers, share insights, and exchange experiences and ideas on the latest challenges, trends and developments in the co-op community.
  • Virtual Networking Interact with cooperative professionals from around the world in a small group virtual setting where you can share your work, knowledge and helpful resources.
  • Themed Activities Enjoy interactive icebreakers and team challenges designed to spark both conversations and learning moments on interesting facts about the history of the co-op community and more.
  • Expert Insights Gain valuable tips from both guest hosts and attendees on opportunities to advance access to critical tools, resources and techniques that support the work we do as cooperative leaders.

For more details on joining this week’s happy hour, log into your Circle account and navigate to the “Events” tab.

Not a member? Click here to create an account. For additional assistance, email NCBA CLUSA’s Membership team at

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