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NCBA CLUSA Webinar Unpacks Disaster Preparedness and Management for Co-ops


A new webinar from NCBA CLUSA featuring emergency preparedness and management expert Witt O’Brien’s offers co-ops concrete ways to mitigate risk and control the outcome of every crisis—from a building fire to a security breach.

This January 30 live webinar was recorded and is now available for download free of charge.

Topics include building a crisis management plan, maintaining business operations during a crisis, when to delegate during a crisis and how to build trust and confidence among your employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Witt O’Brien’s Senior Consultant Graham Campbell brings insight and experience to this crucial topic and addresses an angle of disaster management especially relevant to co-ops—concern for community. His presentation highlights the responsibility and opportunity co-ops have to help their communities respond to and recover from crises.

Witt O’Brien’s is a global leader in risk management, providing services throughout the disaster life cycle. The firm brings a new approach to the crisis and disaster industry by combining extensive real-world experience with innovative planning, training and technology solutions focused on controlling the outcome.

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