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Purchasing Cooperatives Conference Session Preview: ‘The Changing Face of Distribution’


A distributor’s biggest competition used to be “the guy down the street.” Not anymore. Today, distributors are faced with not only traditional competitors, but also mega-companies expanding across the country through mergers and acquisitions.

New online retailers like Amazon Supply, Google and others are creating upheaval in the distribution sector. Competition is fierce, margins are getting slimmer and this is impacting the entire supply chain as well as relationships between distributors and their customers.

In a session called “The Changing Face of Distribution” at the 2014 Purchasing Cooperatives Conference, writer and consultant Jack Keough will unpack these changes, address the need for distributors to embrace technologies such as e-commerce and highlight the increasing importance of building relationships with suppliers and customers.

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Keough brings more than 30 years of experience in the distribution and manufacturing sector to the presentation. He was the editor of Industrial Distribution for 26 years. He is now a contributing editor to the magazine and a frequent speaker at industry events and seminars.

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