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Webinar: Learn how NCBA CLUSA’s Operation Connect Convenes Electric Co-ops and Credit Unions


Join NCBA CLUSA and Adam Schwartz, founder of The Cooperative Way and NCBA CLUSA Senior Consultant for Domestic Operations, on October 22, from 2 ‚Äď 3 p.m., for a webinar on NCBA CLUSA’s newest domestic initiative. Called Operation Connect, this initiative convenes rural electric cooperatives and credit unions to provide community-based financial literacy training. Click here to register!

A small but significant portion of the U.S.’s 42 million electric co-op members experience difficulty in meeting their payments, often due to a lack of financial literacy in budgeting their obligations, such as electric bills. The payment collection process, disconnect and reconnect of electricity is costly and time consuming for both consumers and electric co-ops.

Operation Connect is designed to help end this cycle by bringing together rural electric cooperatives and credit unions serving the same communities to promote financial literacy, budgeting skills and long-term financial planning for members. Halting the cycle of missed payments can improve the lives of the members, promote the credit union and its products and services, and collect debts at the electric cooperative. It‚Äôs a win-win for electric co-ops, credit unions and‚ÄĒmost importantly‚ÄĒthe communities they serve.

During this webinar, you‚Äôll learn more about Operation Connect, as well as how you can get involved.¬†NCBA CLUSA is offering this webinar free of charge. ‚ÄúPrinciple Six in Action ‚Äď Operation Connect” will be recorded and archived, so even if you cannot attend, please register and look for a link to the webinar in your inbox following the event. Register now!

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