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Webinar: NCBA CLUSA Legislative & Advocacy Update Coming in August


Congress adjourns in August, giving lawmakers a chance to meet with constituents in their home states and districts, making the month an ideal time to update the cooperative movement in the U.S. on issues that are important to co-op advocates and their communities.

NCBA CLUSA will host a Legislative & Advocacy Update in the form of a live webinar August 1. The update is part of an ongoing series of webinars designed to keep the cooperative community informed about legislative matters and current policy issues in Washington, D.C.

“NCBA CLUSA’s Legislative & Advocacy Webinar series provides attendees with an in-depth look at the many ways in which legislative and policy matters affecting cooperatives are being shaped and impacted in the halls of Congress and inside the Administration and federal agencies,” said Alan Knapp, vice president for Advocacy for NCBA CLUSA.

“These webinars present both a forum for strategic discussion and conversation as well as an opportunity to learn about ways to be engaged and take action on matters important to many cooperative communities,” Knapp added.

Potential topics:

• Overview of current work in Congress and the Obama Administration
• USDA Rural Cooperative Development Grant program funding
• Tax reform and how it could affect credit unions
• International cooperative development
• Federal Interagency Working Group on cooperative development
• Cooperative development legislation
• Food co-op eligibility for SBA loan programs
• FEMA housing cooperatives disaster funding eligibility
• Education and cooperatives

NCBA CLUSA president and CEO Mike Beall will moderate a panel including John Weinfurter, vice president of Government Relations for emergency preparedness and management firm Witt | O’Brien’s; John McKechnie, a partner at political and public affairs firm Total Spectrum; and Knapp.

Cooperative developers, representatives and volunteers; members of community service organizations; and other groups/individuals that support the co-op movement and are interested in learning about cooperative legislative matters, are encouraged to attend.

The webinar is scheduled for August 1 from 12 to 1 p.m. Click here to register.

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