Gender Practice Area

Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment

Our Approach

Evidence suggests that gender inequities—the differences in access and opportunities among women, men, girls and boys—significantly impact development outcomes. NCBA CLUSA recognizes the critical importance of addressing gender dynamics in its work to empower individuals and families to achieve resilience and economic security and exercise a better, longer and healthier quality of life. NCBA CLUSA’s approach emphasizes that its “clients are the decision-makers when it comes to solving their communities’ most pressing development needs.”

This community-led approach highlights the importance of collective action, shared values and a focus on process. NCBA CLUSA applies this approach to its work in gender integration and the way it addresses gender in building resilience, promoting economic growth, and supporting cooperative development. As a member of the household, community and programs, women’s agency and decision-making are prioritized in all aspects of NCBA CLUSA’s proposal, implementation and evaluation processes.

Beyond supporting gender integration to challenge inequitable norms between women and men, NCBA CLUSA recognizes the importance of gender mainstreaming in all aspects of the organization’s culture. While NCBA CLUSA’s full gender strategy focuses on gender integration in international programming, gender mainstreaming at an organization-wide level is key to ensuring gender is integrated in a comprehensive manner.