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NCBA CLUSA Leading InterAction’s Data Quality Award Competition


NCBA CLUSA is poised to win $10,000 from InterAction for maintaining high-quality, usable data on the NGO alliance’s NGO Aid Map.

As of Monday, July 13, NCBA CLUSA was ranked #1 among the top ten organizations that have entered to win NGO Aid Map’s Data Quality Award. Each organization’s Data Quality Score is based on NGO Aid Map’s data quality dimensions. To achieve a competitive score, an organization’s data must be comprehensive, timely and complete, and improve over time.

NCBA CLUSA’s organization page lists 20 projects—14 are categorized as agriculture, three as economic development and recovery and two fall under democracy and governance. Each project page includes a regularly updated project timeline, budget, donor, list of local partners, intervention location(s) and a brief summary of the project’s objectives. Click here to interact with NCBA CLUSA’s organization page on the NGO Aid Map.

The NGO Aid Map aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response by providing detailed project information through interactive maps and data visualization, creating a picture of international aid that, according to InterAction, would not otherwise exist.

Organizations in the running for the award will each complete a final submission form in September. The $10,000 cash prize will be presented to the winning organization at an event in Washington, D.C. in October.

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