Organizations Show Support for CCMA, Consumer Co-op Retail Conference


As NCBA CLUSA continues celebrating 100 years of supporting cooperatives that build a better world, we’re pleased to announce the full list of organizations that have made generous contributions in support of the 60th Annual Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) Conference.

The largest independent gathering of consumer retail grocery co-ops in the U.S., CCMA will bring together 100+ organizations and 400+ attendees June 9 – 11 in Amherst, Mass., at the University of Massachusetts campus. The theme of this year’s conference is “Disrupting the Future: Cooperative Food and the Next Generation,” and the sessions will put a significant focus on how to challenge leadership in this sector to address diversity and inclusion through their cooperative businesses while positioning food co-ops for success in an increasing competitive natural foods marketplace.

The conference is co-hosted by members of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association, with Franklin Community Co-op and River Valley Co-op as primary local hosts. CCMA is also supported by a diverse group of service providers, whose operational, technical, financial and product expertise are helping keep the retail grocery cooperative sector competitive. This group is led by CCMA’s premier sponsor ECRS, the leading point-of-sale and inventory solution for food cooperatives.

To learn more about the CCMA Conference agenda, click here. Read on below about our generous sponsors and where you can find them next week!


Premier Sponsor

Booth #01

ECRS provides food co-ops with end-to-end store technology including: point-of-sale, reporting and analytics, inventory control and forecasting, electronic supplier integration, general ledger integration, membership management, eCoupon, eReceipt, PA-DSS certified payment processing, WIC, EBT processing, video-enabled customer display, item attribute labeling, remote kitchen printing, and fresh foods scale management.

Host Sponsor

Booth #02

The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) is a co-operative federation of over 30 food co-ops and start–up initiatives in New England, locally owned by more than 90,000 people. Together, they are working toward a shared vision of a thriving co-operative economy. NFCA supports the success of its members through shared marketing and educational efforts, regional sourcing initiatives, and peer to peer training opportunities.

Silver Sponsor

Booth #03

National Cooperative Bank (NCB) provides comprehensive banking services to cooperatives and other member-owned organizations throughout the country. NCB has a significant commitment to community revitalization. The employment of the cooperative model in the development of business and affordable housing is critical for low-income Americans, and strengthens communities in both urban and rural areas. Working Together, Building Community.

Bronze Sponsors

Village Booth #01

National Co+op Grocers (NCG) represents 150 food co-ops operating over 200 stores in 38 states with combined annual sales of over $1.9 billion and over 1.3 million consumer-owners. NCG helps unify natural food co-ops in order to optimize operational and marketing resources, strengthen purchasing power, and ultimately offer more value to natural food co-op owners and shoppers everywhere.

Booth #04

Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative representing 1,800+ organic farmers in 36 states, Canada and Australia, producing organic dairy, egg and produce products sold nationwide. With its regional model, milk is bottled and distributed in the region where it is farmed to ensure fewer miles from farm to table.

Booth #05

Simply Voting is a comprehensive and secure online voting service. One voter one vote is guaranteed, the platform features full redundancy across the entire system while being auditable and transparent, as well as easy to use for both the voter and election managers, earning it an “A” grade from the Bureau of Internet Accessibility. Simply Voting customizes elections to meet its client’s requirements, helping to engage members and ensure that no member is disenfranchised.

Integration Sponsors

Booth #06

.coop is an email and web address top-level domain (TLD), exclusively available to bona fide cooperatives. The .coop domain is the global identity for the world cooperative movement, helping cooperative organizations enhance and market their businesses, better connect with their members and network with other cooperatives across the world. Cooperatives for a Better World is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to spread the benefits of the cooperative business model through educational and inspirational storytelling. CBW operates as a platform to explore the global cooperative story and connect the wide variety of sectors, sizes and countries in which cooperative enterprises exist and the contributions they make to the economies and communities in which they are tied.


Booth #07

CDS Consulting Co-op is a co-op of co-op consultants. It specializes in supporting cooperatives in meeting their goals as strong marketplace competitors with excellence in governance, management, operations, and participation. CDS Consulting Co-op offers services in Expansion and Growth, Improving Financial and Operating Results, Talent Development, Co-op Governance, Starting a Food Co-op and much more.

Exhibit Sponsors

Cabot Creamery – Booth #08

Capital Impact Partners – Booth #09

Local Enterprise Assistance Fund – Booth #10

Food Co-op Initiative – Booth #11

Natural Products Expo East

Wegner CPAs

Village Sponsors

Cooperative Fund of New England

Equal Exchange

Frontier Natural Products


Sustainable Food Trade Association

Shared Capital Cooperative

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